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Pre Mine Program

Pre-mining rewards before $RIV token launch


xRIV (Rivera Experience Token) is the pre-mined $RIV token created to bootstrap liquidity and incentivise early adopters of the Rivera ecosystem.

How can users get xRIV?

Before the official release of $RIV, users can “pre-mine”. To become eligible, users must deposit in Rivera vaults (ALM or Quant) with xRIV rewards. The more one deposits, the greater one’s rewards.

xRIV Rewards Program

The xRIV rewards program runs in approximately 1-week-long epochs, starting and ending at random times so that nobody gets an unfair advantage. Anyone participating in the program will accumulate xRIV rewards every epoch without needing to trigger or do anything.
Users can claim their pre-mined xRIV rewards after the launch of the $RIV token (subject to vesting) in a 1:1 ratio. All xRIV rewards are calculated and updated every epoch (~1 week) and are based on the user’s activity during the previous epoch.