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Concentrated DEXs

DEXs can use the Rivera protocol to easily deploy their composable ALM vaults. Rivera also offers native integration with DEXs which allows them to add market-making vaults directly in their UI, enabling seamless access for the liquidity providers.
Rivera ALM vaults play a crucial role in the capital efficiency of the concentrated DEX ecosystem. The vaults ensure that the liquidity available on the pool is effectively concentrated in the “price-action” zone as the asset price shifts. This allows DEXs to create deep liquidity for their users and minimize trade impact.
Rivera ALM vault is also the first of its kind enabling composability for concentrated LP positions. ERC-20 yield tokens provided as “proof of investment” can be widely used in the DeFi ecosystem. This allows new opportunities for concentrated DEXs to grow their liquidity and enable structured offerings.
If you are building a concentrated DEX, we would love to get in touch and help you source & manage liquidity. Please reach out to us at [email protected] or raise a partnership ticket on our Discord channel.