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DeFi Builders

The newfound composability for concentrated DEX LP positions has opened a world of opportunities for DeFi builders. Now it is easier than ever to innovate on top of concentrated liquidity. Below are some of the example use cases that can be built using the Rivera protocol.
Use concentrated positions as collateral:
  • Mint stablecoins
  • Borrow assets
Build structured strategies:
  • Delta-neutral farming
  • Interest rate mining
  • Principal-protected trading
Build trading products:
  • Ranged Limit Orders
  • Gradual Ladder Orders
  • Buy / Sell Walls
  • De-peg Bets
  • Dollar-cost average while earning
We would love to get in touch with builders & innovators and support them in the journey. If you are working on any use case involving concentrated LP positions, please reach out to us at [email protected] or raise a partnership ticket on our Discord channel.