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Asset Managers

We welcome asset managers and institutions to launch their custom ALM vaults. Rivera Studio, our enterprise offering, allows users to easily build & manage market-making strategies for concentrated liquidity pools. Rivera also offers permissioned pools that allow asset managers to build KYCed products and follow AML/CTF guidelines required for their compliance management.
Asset Managers can use Rivera Studio to enable risk-personalized strategies for their investors. This allows their investors to earn passive income on concentrated LP positions without losing custody of their assets. Asset Managers can actively manage the strategies in a non-custodial manner. Asset Managers can charge their clients for product usage and earn commissions in a permissionless manner.
Our protocol is suitable for a range of asset managers & institutions. Most notably:
  • CeFi companies
  • DAO treasuries
  • Crypto market-making firms
  • Crypto investment firms
  • Family Offices
  • Private Fund Managers
If you are looking to offer personalized market-making strategies, we can help you with the essential infrastructure to set up and launch your vault. Please reach out to us at [email protected] or raise a partnership ticket on our Discord channel.